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Viajes Garmendia is a transportation company for executives and tourists that would like to invite you to visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica located in Central America. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country with no army since 1949.

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You can have the most variety vacations for all the family and a lot of places to visit. No matter what are your vacation plans you may find everything in this small country that covers 0.03% of the globe.You can visit beautiful and remote places with a lot of nature, rain forests, and an enormous variety of wildlife which makes Costa Rica to be in the first 20 countries with the highest percentage of biodiversity worldwide.

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Due to its geographic position Costa Rica becomes a natural bridge between north and south America. Its wide variety of habitats makes Costa Rica vacations and excellent place for ecotourism, bird watching and any kind of tour will be full with wildlife and natural beauty. You will be surprised that even in the rain forest in the middle of nowhere you will have the commodities of the city.

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On the other hand if you are thinking of a more adventurous vacations full of excitement and adrenaline at this point there is a wide range of Costa Rica travel activities for you to select from like fishing,  surfing, diving, snorkeling and also, you can practice lots of new sports like bungee, canopy, waterfalls rappel; zip line, aerial tram. Jump into a river, do some kayaking or white water rafting and that's not all that Costa Rica can offer you. Costa Rica also offer a lot of restaurants, theatres, concerts and much more to enjoy the night.


Surrounded with some of the most exotic Costa Rica travel landscapes, from white sand beaches to rocky ones or the spectacular beauty at the edge of the tropic and rain forest mountains.    And let’s not overlook one of Costa Rica travel uniqueness which is its people hospitality always willing to help you to have an unforgettable vacation.

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Plan your Costa Rica vacations no matter what you are looking for and let us be the ones in charge of making that vacation a memorable experience that you won't mind to repeat again and again.

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